Stuart Simons and Julie Harris, Creators of The Groomers Spotlight, Owners of Tails of St Leonards and all round bloody good friends share their thoughts, feelings and annoyances when it comes to all things dog! Have a listen and laugh along. There’s never a dull moment!

Mutts Monthly Season 1…


Episode 1:

Julie Harris & Stuart Simons talk, laugh and shout at each other as the best of friends do. This – the first episode ‘Why & how they got in to grooming and how on earth did an actor living in London end up besties and business partner with a grooming educator leaving on the coast’

Episode 2:

Julie & Stuart get very excited on the night before Cruftsmas. Hear ALL the stories!!

Episode 3:

Stuart & Julie share all the chat and news from Day 1 – Toy & Utility.

Episode 4:

All the news and chat from Crufts Day 2. Julie & Stuart laugh and share their favourite bits.

Episode 5:

The last of our Crufts live podcasts. Julie & Stuart chat through their favourite bits – more laughs and giggles.


Episode 6:

A surprise guest joins Stuart on the Crufts couch for Day 3 of Cruftsmas.

Episode 7:

Julie and Stuart welcome their special guest and grooming client the wonderfully entertaining Maria McErlane. We’ll be honest, there wasn’t much grooming chat during this¬† lockdown episode, more about how they have been keeping themselves entertained at home – you’ll be surprised – huge scones, beard dyes and getting to grips with Zoom and that’s just Stuart!

This episode was recorded via Zoom from everyone’s homes. Technology is a marvellous thing!

Episode 8:

Julie Harris & Stuart Simons get to interview their special guest Veterinary Surgeon Stephen Butterton and ask about the impact of Covid-19 on his practices and how groomers and vets can work brilliantly together for the best animal care possible.

This episode was recorded via Zoom from everyone’s homes. Technology is a marvellous thing!

Episode 9:

Julie and Stuart get together virtually to chat over what the lockdown has been like for the Groomers Spotlight membership and how going back to work in the new world will be for them. Still lots of laughs and some good advice for those of you walking through your options at the moment.

Episode 10:

Hot topics this month include air con, car snacks and fasting; not to mention life getting back to grooming and all that it brings!!

Life and laughs with Stuart Simons and Julie Harris – it’s a dog groomers life!